Taylor Finefoods (Asia) Limited, a subsidiary of U.S. Taylor Shellfish Inc, was established in 1996.

We are one of the largest fresh oyster supplier in Hong Kong. Besides U.S. oysters from our Taylor’s Oyster Farms, we are also providing a quality seafood which from around the world.

Our Business Scope in Hong Kong


• offering various seafood products to HORECA and Supermarket sectors


• 2 oyster bars, named Taylor Shellfish Farms, located in High Street and Tai Hang


• 11 oyster counters, located at AEON and YATA
• 1 retail store, located in TaiWai


why Taylor?

"direct from the farms"

The world
your Oyster

Oysters, are called the
milk of the sea
because of their high nutritional value